“I wanted to drop you can email to thank you very much for all of your help for our home. As you know from our past conversations and your discussions with my wife Robin, we have radon levels north of 8.0, and had the sale of our house that was entirely dependent on getting the reading below 4.0.

Your team came out a few times, and most recently did work in our finished basement. They did an unbelievably good job of keeping the impact and visibility of the system to an absolute minimum. We recieved the results today, and the levels are now down to 0.8, which according to the tester is “as good as it gets.”

Your team was responsive and very, very good to work with. Your unconditional guarantee was just that: unconditional, and you did what it took to get the radon levels down to the right level. It was great service.

If we can ever be a reference for you, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thanks.”

-Jonathan  June 2011


“I was selling my house and the closing was two weeks away when I was informed of Radon in the home. I called Storch Radon. They were expedient, courteous, educational, and professional. It was not an easy installation as the home had a stone foundation. Had STORCH not had the expertise and knowledge to properly install the system the sale of my home would have been jeopardized altogether. Thanks to STORCH, the closing process was not put at risk and the Radon levels were reduced substantially.”

- Seller Coventry, Rhode Island


“Storch Radon is always available. They return calls immediately, install mitigation systems quickly and efficiently, and stands by their price quotes. I know what I am getting, there are no surprises, and a sale has never been at risk due to Radon.” – Real Estate Professional Marlboro, MA


“I always call STORCH Radon. They have the best rates, provide excellent service, and stand behind their work. They are extremely responsive and communicate clearly and concisely with all parties concerned. STORCH does not take advantage of eleventh hour installations by inflating the price.” – Real Estate Professional Framingham, MA